Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham (Bye-Bye, Science Guy!)

     On February 4th, 2014, +Bill Nye  the “science guy” and +Ken Ham , founder of Answers in Genesis, will tee off in an old fashioned evolution vs. creationism debate.
I, for one, am praying that the event will be telecast, as I certainly cannot make it to Kentucky on such short notice. And I want to watch it…bad.
     Because I predict that Ken Ham will mop the floor with Mr. Nye.
     Not because Mr. Ham is such a brilliant speaker. He isn’t. In the world of pastors and preachers, Ken Ham is average at best. Switch on the television on any given day, tune it to TBN, and you are almost certainly going to see someone who can speak rings around Ken Ham. Heck, Bill Nye speaks better than Ham does.  But Ken Ham has something that those conmen on TBN (such as the infamous +Creflo Dollar )only talk about; he has a weapon of absolute power and destruction, that cannot be overcome. A weapon that Nye studiously avoids and even mocks.

     I am talking about the Bible. Ken Ham has a Bible, and he is NOT afraid to use it.
     See, in the battle for truth, Ken Ham’s weapon (the Bible) is the nuclear bomb to Nye’s water gun (secular humanism). Ham is unashamed in his absolute adherence to the word of God, the Truth, and because of this, he is going to trounce Nye like the proverbial “red-headed step child.” Because in reality this isn’t a battle of Nye versus Ham, but a spiritual battle of Christ vs. the world… and Christ has already won that battle.
     So step back, and watch for the mushroom cloud. The “science guy” is going to get a practical lesson in spiritual nuclear fission. Bye-bye, science guy.

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