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  • Philosophy of Government

    The only legitimate function of government is protecting the rights of its citizens. Its not the job of government to regulate commerce, provide multitudes of social services, or to provide free stuff to people who refuse to work. People should have the liberty to pursue their own happiness, make their own mistakes, and live their lives without government interference. Only when one person's rights intrude upon another's (murder, robbery, etc.) does the government have a legitimate reason to be involved.

  • Abortion

    There are at least two human beings involved in every abortion: the mother, and the child. We know this is true, with absolute certainty. It is basic biology. When a mother elects to have an abortion, she is killing another human being. At the moment of conception, a new human being is created, and that human being is entitled to all of the same rights and protections as any other. It is disturbing that we as a society have allowed this holocaust to continue for so long. WE MUST STOP THE LEGAL KILLING OF CHILDREN. All children should be loved and protected. If I am elected, I aim to make the abolishing of abortion a top priority.

  • Gun Rights

    I believe that human beings have an inalienable, God-given right to protect themselves and their families. The founders of the United States agreed with this, which is why they included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It includes the right to own firearms and other weapons, as well as the right to carry (bear) them. No one should have to pay for their rights, nor should their rights be suspended while in any public place. For this reason, I believe we need to pass "Constitutional Carry" legislation in the state of Texas, and remove all carry restrictions on public and government owned property. This includes not only firearms, but also knives, pepper spray, stun guns, etc. Should I win election, I will make this a top legislative priority.

  • Taxes

    Taxes in our state are completely out of control, and they need to be reigned in. Worst among these are the perpetual taxes and fees which the government charges as a condition of ownership. These taxes and fees turn owners into renters. They strip citizens of one of their most fundamental rights- the right to property. Property taxes are the most egregious example, and need to be reduced and/or eliminated completely at the first opportunity.

  • Jobs

    Government cannot create jobs. It can kill them through needless and over-burdensome regulation, though. Texas needs to stop trying to regulate commerce, and get out of the way. If it does this, the state's economy will flourish.

  • Values

    God is the basis for any just society. Societies fall into tyranny and despotism, because they neglect Jesus, the Gospel, and the Word of God. We must strive to bring Christian values back into the public discourse, while honoring the rights of others who disagree. It is through Christ that our country was founded, and it is only through Christ that we as a country, and as a state, can survive and thrive.

  • Religious Liberty

    No man should be forced to do that which he finds morally reprehensible. Every citizen must have freedom of conscience. It is the right of every individual to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. No baker should be forced to bake a cake. No photographer should be forced to take a picture. This is common sense, and basic decency.

  • Immigration

    It is important for our southern border to be secure, but it is also important for people to have freedom of travel. Immigration protections should not overly burden citizens traveling within the state of Texas, nor should any law place locally elected sheriffs or officials under the jurisdiction of Austin. Sanctuary cities should be eliminated by a combination of defunding and local voter activism.

    While protecting the border is a Federal responsibility, we Texans should do what we can to help as well. We can do this by eliminating government handouts (welfare, etc.), holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal immigrants, and so forth.

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