Thursday, January 25, 2018
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Texas House Candidate Damon Rambo Opposes Incumbent Dennis Bonnen's Aid to Illegals

Damon Rambo, candidate for Texas House District 25, stands opposed to 20-year incumbent Dennis Bonnen's vote to give aid to illegal aliens here in Texas. Bonnen previously voted to give in-state tuition assistance to foreigners who are here illegally. Rambo vigorously opposes such assistance.

Rambo said in a statement: "The Texas border must be impassable to those who are not legally allowed into our country and our State. Dangling benefits to those who are here illegally, such as tuition assistance, only invites more to try to cross over our border without permission. I wish Dennis Bonnen understood that. I know that the people of this district do. We in the district know that we need to stop the magnet of welfare to illegals.

"A strong border is necessary for Texas, whether it's partially achieved through 11th century technology in the form of a border wall or through 21st century technology that can scan rough terrain and sophisticated tunneling. When Dennis Bonnen took office, border security was an issue. Unfortunately, two decades later, it remains an issue, as the past election demonstrated.

"Obama's DACA policy increased illegal traffic to the border and put children at risk. When the federal government fails to protect the Texas border, then State officials must intervene and, as a last measure, sheriffs are the final wall of protection against a federal government that refuses to do its job.

"Sanctuary cities, like Bonnen's support for tuition assistance, are a magnet to those who would come here illegally. City and county officials who ignore the need to protect the lives of their citizens and allow illegals to take 'refuge' here should be arrested for aiding and abetting any criminal activity that occurs at the hands of illegals who harm our citizens.

"Like many men in this district, I am a husband, father, and grandfather. Why would any representative of the people provide a magnet to those who ignore the law and come here illegally? That's the wrong policy, as we learned through Kate Steinle's tragic death.

"In summary: the border must be secure - by the most effective means necessary - and we must stop every magnet that attracts illegals to Texas, whether it's tuition assistance or cities that provide illegal 'sanctuary.' The safety and security of Texans must come first. We need a representative who understands that, which is a large reason why I am in this race."

Rambo is running for the Texas House seat currently held by State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, who has been in office since 1997.

Damon Rambo is a pastor and a small businessman from Markham, Texas. More information on the candidate and his campaign may be obtained at

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